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Historical Information

The July 15, 1982 issue of the Brookline Chronicle Citizen featured a story about efforts to save the trees of Longwood Mall, which were not in good health at the time. Ellen Golde, who 40 years later still leads citizen efforts to looks after the trees, led the campaign which raised over $20,000 (which is over $62,000 in 2023 dollars!) and persuaded Brookline to match the funds. 

In 1984, Friends of Longwood Mall received a Massachusetts Historical Commission Preservation award for their efforts to save the trees.


The Sears family “remise, release and forever quitclaim unto the said inhabitants of the Town of Brookline, the following described parcels of land situate in said Brookline…”

Maps of the Longwood area from 1855, 1874, 1893, and 1897.

This links to a wonderful essay on the Brookline Historical Society website, written by Linda Olson Pehlke. She writes about the origins of the Longwood and Cottage Farm areas.

WIkipedia entry for David Sears, the person responsible got developing the Longwood area and for planting the trees of Longwood Mall.

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